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Thread: Torque Settings for a 4AGE

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    Northside $lider

    Unhappy Torque Settings for a 4AGE

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve got my 4age (stroked 1.8) back from the shop after some (few grand) work and I need some numbers for any torque ratings for crank, rod, and head bolts (and such). I have a workshop manual that I think I downloaded from this site a while back and unfortunately it doesn’t have what I’m looking for , I thought before I go looking elsewhere I’d put the word out and see if anyone in here can help.

    Cheers all,

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    Crank Bolts - Several passes, 610kg/cm (44 ft-lb, 60 Nm)

    Rod Bolts - Several passes, 500kg/cm (36ft-lb, 49 Nm)

    Head Bolts - Several passes, 300kg/cm (22ft-lb, 29 Nm)

    (All of the above are based on the assumption you are using motor oil for the threads, adjust accordingly if you are using moly-lubes and the like)

    Also, on a side note, please remember to do bearing/thrust clearances, and ring-gaps .. at a minimum .. they only take a few hours and cost bugger all


    I'm no master with building motors, but i can try and help if needs be, feel free to PM me even if you have a stupid question

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    Also assuming your using Standard bolts, too.
    I know ARP rod bolts are 47ft-lbs, torqued thrice before finally assembly.

    Ring gap: With a piston (without rings on it) push the compression ring into the bore and use a feeler gauge to check the gap. The rule for ring gaps is about 0.004" per inch of bore diametre.

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    Cheers guys

    she's been honed out so I didn't think min ring gap* would be an issue and it wasn't, but cheers for the help ya legends!! Put the crank in last night

    easy as, several passes and ended at 44 for the standard crank bolts wiped with high performance motor oil so they go faster now hahah, man fitting rings was tricky (my first one) I took the old ones on and off a few times just to make sure I wasn't going to bust the good ones, did break one of the old ones but it was hard as, new ones sit sweet.

    Only prob now, the damn ring compressor failed... so I had to stop there, booo, all safe on the stand though

    Cheers again for the help guys! much appreciated!!
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