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Thread: Bigport injector impedance and resistor packs??

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    Default Bigport injector impedance and resistor packs??


    Currently I believe I have no resistor pack or anything - not that I can recognise anyway. My supposed ae82 loom has rectangular injector plugs.

    If all bigport ECU's are interchangeable how the hell does the injector resistance thing work? Because pink bigport injectors have a resistor pack... but are higher resistance than the grey jdm injectors??

    I'd just like some clarity as to what resistance the ECU needs to 'see' to make a car run. I imagine it would depend on injector size and what not too.

    I would like a definitive answer as to whether or not I can do the following:

    Run 2.0 ohm grey injectors from a JDM bigport with a JDM AE86 ECU OR an AE82 ECU, with or without a resistor pack.

    Sorry if thats a bit confusing.


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    If you are running a standard computer then it needs to "see" around 12 ohms.

    So if you are using low impedance injectors (usually around 2ohm or so) then you need a resistor pack. A standard Toyota one is simple to use, but any resistor of the right resistance and current capacity will do.

    If you are using high impedance injectors (12 ohm by themselves) then you need no resistors.

    The size of the injectors (cc/min) should bear no relation to their resistance. Also some (most??) aftermarket ECUs can drive low impedance injectors directly because they are really, really, really, ridiculously smart.


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    I see...

    Well I finally wired up my car tonight, and suprise suprise the injectors aren't firing. - no resistor in series.

    But they came off a loom which had a 2.2ohm resistor in series - taking grand total of resistance inc those across the injectors to 2.0ohm per injector (x4) + 2.2 ohm to 10.2 ohm. Assuming it is valid to add those values together?

    As this is the only 'known quantity' for me at the moment I will place a similar resistor in series tomorrow and see if it kicks in to life. - as I know the injector/loom/ecu combo mentioned above ran.

    I shall see hwat I find.

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