long story short, bought brand new motorbike, lost licence for riding unaccompanied (4 points), need to go on good behaviour for a year, hence cant ride the bike anymore

as said, brand new, 2kms on the clock when i got it. has been run in and had first service, has 3500kms on it now, about 2 1/2 months old.

awesome bike to ride, my first ever bike, wasnt too much for me

still has the remainder of warranty, was 2 year i think, rego and rwc etc etc

i got it for 10,500 ride away, pretty good deal, will take 10,000 considering its still pretty much brand new, not a mark on it

yes its on finance, the money can be paid directly to the company, or you could approach them about transferring into your name if keen

regretful sale, so awesome riding this