The action wasn’t happening all inside the dome this year. The guys from All Stars turned it up a notch by gracing the walkway into MotorEx with a plethora of cars – stuff ranging from JDM through to stanced-out VIP rides.

Honda Civics with the right wheels and ride height certainly still look awesome. Both of these examples were wearing quality wheels and were both very US-inspired.

A sacked Aurion, parked behind an Integra and then on to numerous hot rods and a Trans Am? This is what you can expect at MotorEx. It’s rare to see all so many different car cultures unite and park side by side to be appreciated. The All Stars boys really rounded up a great selection of rides.

Countless people were walking around checking out all of the metal on display.

Matte finishes are starting to become ever so popular, with the rise in vinyl wrapping technologies. This IS Lexus was ‘murdered out’ sporting black accents everywhere.

Kelvin’s Ruckus was a unique car on display. Not many people in Australia have yet to modify their Ruckus’ in the fashion Kelv has!

Getting low seems to be the go!

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