Bendix can help you diagnose and solve your brake problems.

To help you fix brake problems you may be experiencing, we have prepared some helpful tech tips to ensure you achieve optimum braking performance and safety.

As there are a number of issues that arise with your cars breaking system, it’s always good to keep a look out for the possible symptoms below.


What is brake vibration?

Brake vibration is a noticeable vibration when the brakes are applied, there can also be other vibration that has a similar feel and effect from wear in other running gear components.

How does vibration happen?

Both rotor run out and parallelism can cause vibration under braking, this can easily be fixed by resurfacing the brake rotors. Other components can cause vibration, generally these faults happen in the running gear such as wear and faults in the steering components which can be rectified by replacing worn components. Wheels out of balance and alignment can also be the cause; a simple wheel balance will alleviate the problem.

Is there any way of preventing this from occurring?

Ensuring that brake pads are fitted properly and that all components are fitted to specifications will keep the rotors from suffering undue and even wear. Regular servicing will identify problems and often stop these problems before they come apparent.

Probable Cause & Corrective Action

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