Bendix can help you diagnose and solve your brake problems.

To help you fix brake problems you may be experiencing, we have prepared some helpful tech tips to ensure you achieve optimum braking performance and safety.

As there are a number of issues that arise with your cars breaking system, it’s always good to keep a look out for the possible symptoms below.

Brake Wear

What is brake wear?

Abnormal brake wear is when the brake pad or lining wear at an abnormal and accelerated pace. Brake pads and linings will wear at a normal predictable rate if fitted properly but under certain conditions this wear can be extreme.

How does brake wear happen?

Abnormal brake wear occurs when the wrong type of pad or lining is fitted or the rotor surface is rough, it may also occur when the caliper pistons or pins seize up.

Is there any way of preventing this from occurring?

Choice of pads and linings is crucial to the stopping performance of a vehicle, choosing the right pad is as important for its durability as it is to safety. Regular maintenance of your vehicles braking system is essential for its integrity and longevity.

Probable Cause & Corrective Action

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