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Thread: luke86's Sprinter

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    Default luke86's Sprinter

    Hey guys my names Luke and im from the Western suburbs of Melbourne. I picked up this beauty a few days ago off *Ron and I've now enlisted myself on a long journey to get this up to scratch.

    The main reason I bought this was because Im quite over FWD and AWD having owned a Starlet, Celica SX, Celica GT4 and my current rides Accord and '05 Sportivo Corolla. I was initially looking for a 180/S13 or R32 something but when I saw this it swayed me straight away.

    I have (literally) a huge amount of questions but I will do as much searching as I can before I post some n00bie questions which Im sure would of been asked 1billionty times.

    The plans I have for it will hopefully end up seeing it rust free, high reving 4AGE goodness with some suspension goodies to suit. This car will be in the making for a long time and I will be sure to update with pics and such. This was one of the perks of purchasing such a car with the approval from the missus.

    I spent some time today under the car with 8 cans of degreaser and have given it a decent clean... I can actually imagine what it would of looked like when it was brand spankers. Also took off all the stickers on the outside but one coz I think its cool.

    My major plans in the foreseeable future will go along the lines like this:

    - Strip interior and remove sound deadner and other crap that has stuck itself onto the shell
    - Have all the rust removed and welded up
    - Decide a colour scheme (dont really dig Panda unless its on a Trueno)
    - Replace little nick nacks and what nots

    Then when that is done I will then draw up some plans of attack on engine work and suspension goodies.

    One thing I dont want to do with this car is not buy crap that I dont need but buy things in order of importance. ie buying a bucket seat and rail when I need funds to get a service over and done with but you know what I mean. I have to admit theres alot of engine, interior and suspensions bling that tempts me but I will try my hardest not too succumb to temptation.

    Anyhoo's thats enough from me and I'll throw some pics up from the other day before I was going to attack the stickers with a blow dryer and blade.


    *Much respect to Ron and his missus for their know how and willingness to help out, cheers.

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    Ahaha no sh*t ay.... Wow, well hopefully I'll get cracking onto the bodywork soonish and bring it up all rust free again.

    Oh yeah thats how I'll prolly have the interior too but with half cage and buckets. That pic just reminds me that hell yeah it can be done.

    But I find it really hard, in general, trying to fix cars up to stock when you dont exactly have access to one thats hasnt been neglected as such. So trying to get it up to scratch will be a task in itself.

    In saying that though, in the short term I just want the car to be rust free and freshly painted. Not too fussed about the interior trims but for some funny reason I feel incomplete with a sun roof switch with no cover *shrugs*

    After the spray is done I'll then start to attack the interior and rip most of it out except the top half of the dash. Exactly like that pic^^

    After browsing this site and seeing such mean rides all over the country makes me want to go spastic on this car but I have to keep reminding myself that this is my looooong term project.

    Ah well all in good time


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    Well after finally getting the cash together I have now got my hands on a Trueno sedan (Is that the proper name?) I bought it off a mate who was going to get it complied and rego'ed but he decided against it. It was imported from Japan a few months ago and still has all the papers. Apparently it was used exclusively for dorifto?!!?

    It has currently got a blocked fuel filter and the fuel tank is out so I have to tend to them soonish.

    I don't intend driving this around so everything that can be stripped and swapped over into my Sprinter will be swapped. The 'conversion' will be done hopefully in this order:

    - Swap interior over, including EVO III and TRD bucket seat (not pictured still have to go pick them up)

    - Remove 4A-GE and have it scrubbed up and painted looking mickey mouse

    - Engine conversion which I believe is a Blue Top 4A-GE

    - Swap driveline over, the rear is 2 way LSD disk brakes (very rusty rotors) and all the suspension goodies

    Now since Im such a n00b Im going to swap the interior over into my Sprinter during this month and hopefully save enough moolah to get some more tools that I think I'll need for the conversion. I plan to have the engine cleaned up and painted and looking as good as new, if not better, so I can attack the conversion in February.

    Quick questions:

    Does anyone know what the rims on front and back are called?
    Can a sedan roll cage fit in a Sprinter?

    Here are the pics and ENJOY!


    First arrival:

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    Oh yeah look what I found!

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    Well I fiddled around with the cars abit today. I swapped over the steering wheel with the item I got from intense (cheers) and the cage from the Trueno. I also ran into a small problem when I was removing the drivers side seat.

    One of the mounting points where the seats bolts go through is actually cracked off so I was wandering do I get that section cut out of the Trueno and get that welded in?

    Anyways some more pics:

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    Bit more fiddling around with the cars today and I got a couple of goodies from the Trueno.

    I finally got a sunroof button cover and some centre piece lights. Now all I need is some redlines but they will have to wait for the time being.

    Also put the wheels up against the car to see what they would look like. I really like the look of them and they will do for now but before I put them on Im going to need new tires for all four. The front two has copped shocking gaurd rubbing and the backs are nearly slicks.


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    I mucked around with the Trueno again today taking off the bonnet,guards and front bumper. The guards were a piece of piss albeit a rusted bolt or two. I still have to take the headlights out but I'll leave it for later when I can be bothered with wiring or someone comes and takes the front... The panels are in fair condition but one of the headlight housings are rusted out. The bonnet has got a go-fast-scoop on it which I wish it didnt.

    Whilst I was taking the panels off I jacked the car up to see what was going and and I inspected further.....

    Also can someone tell me what this is and what it does? (circled in red)


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    Bit more mucking around with the car today... I first started off with draining the coolant and removing the radiator and fan shroud, washer bottle and overflow. Then I got carried away with removing the interior so its pretty bare now.

    It started to get dark when I went to attack the engine bay again when I ran into that stupid headers problem () but Im sure I can get around to it tommorow.

    So after Im done with that what should I then start to remove? Im not too sure so please help...


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    Got some goodies...

    I fitted them up and they went in without too much of a hassle... but the passengers side does stick out like dogs balls. Might have to give the brackets abit of a tap to pull it in. Well thats all I got for now so till next time.


    <img src= border=0 alt= />

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    That thing between your strut and your controll arm is a negative camber roll center adjuster. Helps with bumpsteer when you have more castor but also that one gives you more negative camber as well.

    And lol at the gktech wheel, you've got a spasticly huge boss kit AND the wheel, gl reaching the indicators

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