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Thread: [SYD] Pair of modified KE70 LCAs, extra length.

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    Default [SYD] Pair of modified KE70 LCAs, extra length.

    I have for sale a pair of modified KE70 LCAs.

    THey have been cut and extended with some rather beefy steel. That "box" you are seeing on the pics below also looks like a stopper plate that has been added, presumably for using with AE86 ps arms?

    These are 40mm longer than stock KE70 items.
    Inner LCA bushes are urethane items, and look in good shape. Ball joints look ok.
    Extra hole has been drilled to correctly locate the front swaybar mount.

    I never ran these, so i cant comment too much on the design.

    Looking for $100.
    Located in Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

    Pic below shows the pair of modified LCAs next to a stock KE70 item.

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