With week 7 now gone, and a shock double-elimination taking two contestants out of the running, only three people remain in the Shannons Supercar Showdown!

This week’s reward challenge focuses on reaction time, and the ability to process visual information. V8 Supercar drivers need keen eyes in order to spot potential collisions, obstacles, and be able to react quick enough to avoid disaster.

The last three have to test their skills on a state of the art reaction tester. Not just once however, but twice. After they’ve completed the first task on the reaction tester, the competitor has to take part in a quick exercise circuit before heading back to the machine and giving it another go. Attempting to use the reaction tester whilst fatigued will show who can remain steady whilst under the pump.

Oil lubrication specialist Fuchs have provided a $500 dollar cash reward for the man with the speediest hands. Who has the stamina keep up their response times during the challenge and earn a quick buck in the process?

Also, this week’s task is something that’ll really step up the game. The contestants are no longer competing in the Renault RS250. They’re stepping things up to the Shannons V8 Supercar this week!

Each contestant will have three timed laps around Winton Raceway, then pit for a chat with the engineer to overlook the data logging and receive general feedback. From there, they are allowed another three timed laps to hopefully better their previous time.

The judges will be looking for communication between engineer and driver. This is a vital part of any motorsport team, as the engineers need to gain an understanding of how the car currently feels in order to alter the setup to suit different race tracks or weather conditions.

Will anyone put the fresh V8 Supercar off the track? Do you think that the young 17 year old can handle the 550 plus horsepower from the V8? Check out the episode below to find out!

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