Hey all,

As title states, have an immaculate ST162 White Lightning Celica sitting in my drive taking up space, I need it to go.

Purchased it off a mate (it may look familiar to some of you on here...) to help him out, after getting a wee bit excited at the prospect of building a replica of my first car and telling him I'd take it before quite thinking about it.

I've since spent a few days cleaning it from top to bottom, and giving it a few bolt on improvements. Engine bay is the cleanest you will find of any car of a similar age, and would be confident in saying likewise for interior.

Specs are as follow:

- 1989 ST162 Celica White Lightning
- 29*,***kms on clock, unsure of engine history although runs quite well for a 20+ year old car, believe a bit of timing has been dialed in and does go well for what it is
- Straight body, de-stickered (removed the White Lightning decals for a cleaner look), with few minor imperfections in paint (visable in photos) and minor dent in passenger rear quarter panel
- Interior is one of the cleanest and straightest I have seen in a car of its age. White Lightning featured (for those who don't know the background) the GT4 bucket seats, full electrics (windows, mirrors and sunroof), aircon. Has aftermarket CD player fitted also. No cracks in dash.
- Does have a bit of a note to it, haven't had it on the hoist but a quick look appears to be an after market 2 1/4" cat back exhaust system under it. Definitely has stock headers.
- Numerous bushes have been replaced courtesy of previous owner, along with drivers side (the long one) driveshaft. Drives nicely, no vibrations etc.
- I've fitted a set of brand new ROH Shift R 17x7" wheels with brand new tyres. These have been driven out of my drive only to put the car on the side of the road for sale. Over $1,500 worth (receipts to be provided to purchaser)
- Registration until mid-December

Not much else to say about it, would make a nice, cheap, well optioned first car, or a good daily.

I'm sure I could probably get more for it, but I just want it out of my driveway so am prepared to lose money on it to see it gone.

PM for mobile number. Located on North West Coast of Tasmania, can deliver to Melbourne wharf (happy to pay for this myself) but will require payment in full before hand.

$2,500 Offers Considered