One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Forza Horizon, is nearly here. What’s worse than the few week wait before it drops? Going to purchase the game at your local retailer to find out it’s completely and utterly sold out.

Well, the best way prevent this is by pre-ordering. Not only are numerous places offering discounts when you place a small deposit to pre-order the game, but there are limited edition collectors packs and even retailer-exclusive cars that are included ONLY if you pre order! So depending on where you shop, you will gain an extra two cars your mates will not have…

JB Hi-Fi is just one of the many retailers offering the collectors limited edition pack (including a VIP online Forza membership, steel book and so much more). That’s not all however; exclusive to JB is a two-car pack that’s provided when you pre-order through them. The cars are the lovely Nissan 370Z and brutish Aston Martin Virage. Two vehicles we clearly think are worth the pre-order alone!

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EB Games however, have two pre-order bonus cars differ from what’s available at JB hi-fi. They are giving away the Volkswagen Golf R and Ferrari 458 – two, in their own right, wonderful cars. What tickles your fancy more? The 370Z or the Golf R? Ferrari or Aston?

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Harvey Norman offer a no deposit required pre-order, so you do not have to lay a cent down until you pick up your game.

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Pre-ordering is not the only way to get your hands on exclusive cars however. If you’ve downloaded and played the Forza Horizon Demo, you are automatically entitled to downloading the 2013 Dodge Viper SRT8 with custom race livery, for free!

So where will you be buying your copy from? Will the bonus cars sway your decision as you drive a golf R? Or will the tantalizing sound of a Ferrari engine be enough of a decision maker?

Forza Horizon is available from the 23rd of October Australia wide.

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And check out the game launch trailer below!