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Thread: Coolant lines and plumbing

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    Default Coolant lines and plumbing

    Hi I no that this has been covered before hand but I just want to no how should I go about setting up my coolant lines for my 4age I've got a fair idea on how to do this and I've got a few pictures of setups on 4ages but I'm gonna ask the questions anyway I would rather do it right the first time and not have to worry about it later on!

    K so this is where I'm at with it I've got a 4age 16v big-port from an ae82 corolla and it's in my ke70 now From what I can tell this is easiest way to do it
    But I've only got one hose output on the back of my motor so how do I go about setting this up so I can run my heater? And do I need run the lines that go to the throttlebody I think there for someSort of cold start thing does anyone no what there for exactly?
    If someone has any pictures of there set up in there KE that would help a lot thanks

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    i recall seeing that first picture you posted on someone else's thread on this forum i think and i only remember it because someone had mentioned it was incorrectly setup?

    yeah those small lines going to the throttle body is for cold start, not necessary if anything.

    Your picture shows the big open outlet is going to the radiator top hose and that little one standing vertical is for the heater i assume, if you place your thermostat housing like the picture above, there is no way your going to be able to run a hose to that outlet as it would be touching the block of the engine.

    i have seen a clean setup with the thermostat housing has been mounted under the throttle body in a way where all original outlet are accessible for hoses to be connected. This doesn't help you much but if you use your imagination it will be the easiest way and can look clean if dont correctly lol

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