Car - ae86
issue - poke
fix - get wider guards
Comments - 15x8.5 - 6 up front with extended lower control arm roughly about 1cm-3cm longer then stock arms
15x9 -13 at the rears with T series
Front guards are flared as fuck and wheels still poke about 1cm-2cm with some camber, dont want more camber dialed in, not an option here
rears guards are flared as fuck and wheels sit flush or 1mm poke, want origin bolt on flares to suit the fronts.
195/50/15 stretched tyres all round

So Origin comes with front guards with size +20mm, +25mm, +40mm

looking at +25mm or +40mm for my setup, i will be running bigger tyres such as 215 or 225 for grip so if anyone has used these size guards before, let me know what you think about fitment with similar wheels and track.

Origin bolt on flares for the rears come in +35mm.. going with these to match the front guards and they are the best looking bolt on compared to a lot of others.. just want to know where abouts my wheels will sit if anyone knows.

another useless question but might as well ask in case someone knows the fitment for these