If your brakes are making an awful squeal whenever used, then more than likely, your braking system is ‘dry’. A vehicle’s caliper assembly contains lots of thin metal parts such as shims and backing plates which can rattle around and result in squealing being emitting from your brakes. When installing new brakes, it is always worth using a high quality, brake-specific lubricant in order to ensure super-silent brakes and longevity.


This is where Bendix’ High Performance anti-squeal lubricant comes in. It is a quality brake-specific lube designed to handle the high temps which surround a car’s braking system, and contains no harsh chemicals that could have the potential to perish vital rubber boots and seals. Available from places such as Repco and sold in small, single use sachets for around 2-4 dollars, it is something that should certainly not be overlooked when it comes time to do the brakes on your car.


Prior to using this grease, it is recommended that you clean all components that you are applying lube to. Using something that dries residue-free such as a brake cleaner will work fine, and in this instance we are using Bendix’ high performance brake cleaner. To not be shy with the product, spray it on heavily to guarantee all pad dust and dirt is removed.


Only a pea-sized amount is needed to cover particular areas such as the rear of the new brake pads. Using your fingers to lightly smear it across the clean section is fine; just ensure you get decent coverage.


The lubricant is also designed to prevent corrosion to metal areas, which in turn increases the longevity of your new brake components. As there is a metal backing plate which will sit against the pad once it is installed into the caliper, the lubricant will prevent the plate creating noise when the brakes are applied.


Coverage should be like the above! Using this product on all pieces of metal from the caliper and brake system is fine – it is designed to function under extreme heat. Spending the time to coat all metal pieces in lube is a small price to pay for smooth, quiet decent braking.

Next time you’re changing or upgrading your brakes, make sure you grab a sachet of Bendix High Performance brake lube. Your brakes will thank you for it!

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