I bought War Douche (the AE that came with the 20v) 2 (maybe 3?) years ago, and it has raped and pillaged across the US ever since. Then Utah happened.

I drove it to Salt Lake City where I was staying for a few months for work, because of the sick mountains there. I had started goint to UtahDrift meetings and getting to know some of those folks, and we decided to go up the mountains to a certain spot to go sliding. Everything went fine for an hour or so until I fucked up an entry, crossed over, and bumped the guard rail. No major damage, but the front end (ahead of the strut towers) was well bent. I fixed it over the next day in the hotel parking lot with a come-along, crowbar, and a dead blow.

After I drove it back home (1700 mile trip), the car was still running excellent, but the body was trash. It was rusting from the previous owner, there were holes in the pass. floorboard etc. Then, we came across a new body.

Scrapped War Douche, and started on it's successor.

Here are some of the things I ordered during my foray in Abu Dhabi:

Here is the body as it sat when I started working on it:

After some "weight reduction":

I took up stripping:

Rear Stance shocks installed. I kept the TRD springs because I don't like how the Stance perches sit. The TRD springs give me sufficient ride height, and the damper is really what I needed anyway:

Coil plate after initial cutting:

Finished product:

Seat installed with Buddy Club Super Low rails:

As it is now: