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Thread: Std AE71 Wrecking, Paseo Fr Seats, Ke70 beige seats, Blue Ke Interior

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    Default Std AE71 Wrecking, Paseo Fr Seats, Ke70 beige seats, Blue Ke Interior

    Gday I am Reshelling my AE71 into a Ke70 so I have some spares incase anyone needs anything.

    Feel free to txt me on 0404166205 any time for pics or if u have any questions or are chasing anything. Im on northside Brisbane Near Mitchelton.

    Think im asking to much? Make me an offer?

    - 4k engine complete + Extractors & complete exhaust with 5k manual (Will be out of car tuesday) - $300?

    - Paseo Bucket seats, one (drivers) converted to fit Ke70 the other isnt. I have a set in my own car & they look cool & are comfy, these were ones my mate had. He ripped off the headrest so they arnt perfect but theyre still decent seats. - $100

    - Beige Ke70 Front std seats (excellent condition, dont remember seeing any marks or burns when i took em out) - $40?

    - Blue CSX Interior includes: 4 door cards (very good condition), assorted plastics & trims (cant remember exactly what there is), 2 Perfect front seats (no rails but I can steal them off the beige seats I have for sale), Perfect Rear Seats, No carpet, No dash but I have some odd bits like & pillar pieces etc, vents etc if ur chasing something like that). - $150?

    - Slant front headlights & grille $50?

    - AE71 Shell, most of it is f'd but if anyone needs Panel pieces for rust repairs? - *defected* - All glass, doors, Brog warner Diff, has ke70 crossmember & leftovers from the Ke I just converted, Ke struts etc etc

    - I have a Very rare tercel 4.11 diff centre (its on ebay atm) that came from tercel with diff code s292, I test fitted the centre to an S series diff & The tercel axles are larger than the ones the '86 has but my mate very certain that the ring & pinion fit in the '86 S series carrier.

    - S series diff *BENT* complete drum to drum, has new brake slave cylinders. My car was hit while parked, so hard it bent the diff & an axle. I havnt tried to get the bent axle out but if its possible to, the 4.11 ring n pinion ^^^above should fit?

    Heaps of other shit, i basically have a whole ke70 plus other spares so hit me up... glass, doors, etc etc (no front guards!)
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    pm sent mate

    after blue window winders and maybe more

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