Rogue Motor Sports is a UK based workshop that has been heavily involved in circuit racing for many years. Historically , they were an MR2 specialist who build cars for both the road and the track.
They have years of experience with the installation of both Superchargers and Turbochargers.

Now they have turned their focus to the new Toyota 86, and have begun quite an extensive build. As you can see here, the unsuspecting GT86 is received by the owners and loaded straight into the car trailer. Definately a site most dealerships wouldn't be seeing too often as most people are that excited about their new car, the thought of towing it home is the furthest thing from their minds.

The very next day, the Rogue Motorsports workshop floor was littered with the interior of the GT86.

Just 2 days after receiving delivery of the car, and only 9 miles on the speedo the Subaru boxer FA20 engine was removed from the bay

The guys continued to strip the car back to bare metal and sent it off to be acid dipped.

A shot from the rear

Here is the car being dipped...

The rogue motorsport guys are constantly updating their facebook page and there are many time lapse videos of the interior being gutted and the external panels being removed. Quite interesting to see the car many of us are still waiting to receive delivery of taken apart.

There is a huge amount of room in the bay and the engine choice is pretty much unlimited.