Hey guys whats up, recently after 9 months of being F...ked around by the transport department i finally got everything done and got my 86 licenesed.
So the other night took my baby out to show her off at a cruise and got pulled over and hassled be the cops, the main thing i got done for was having an overly sexy offset, but being the annoying tyrants the cops are they also wrote down that my seat belt didnt retract (whilst my friend in the passenger seat laughed at the cop because of how fast it did retract} and apperantly my front bumper was not secure.
Anyway so basicly i took my seat belt out to lube it up and took the casing for the wrong side off and Pooped it so im chasing a drivers sides seatbelt.

My number is 041 909 5762
If you have one let me know and ill be right over.
Please dont be a noob and try charge me a million dollars i am happy to pay for the part but within reason.