photos available on request

can send most parts at buyers expense

-S13 SR20 top-feed fuel rail with SARD 550cc injectors+plugs and Earls braided hose $450

-S14 SR20 turbo manifold $50

-HPI split-dump $80

-D Max SR20 alloy sump guard $50

-S14/15 A'PEXi copy intake $70

-S14 SR20 valley cover $20

-R32 Tein HA rear coil-overs suit rebuild $150

-unknown brand (ISC or similar) S14/15 toe arms $80

-Kazama S14/15 castor rods. have done <1000km $150

-RPS13 rear calipers + cables with Uras handbrake forks these are gold! $180

-S13 rear hubs $50

-matt black Kouki S14 rear bumper $160

-Aus spec S14 rear bumper $20

-Kouki S14 rear light filler panel $50