i know these items aren't really needed for most people on this site but ill give it a go

ive got a E58 gearbox out of a 93 AE101, dont know how it goes as i got it in a halfcut with my engine. its just the gearbox no axles. it had about 120000kms on the odometer when i got it and it has the the mounts on it. im looking for $200

and also ive got a crown and pinion wheel for a G series diff. came out of a hilux, and it has a very rare ratio not 100% sure what it is but i was told a guy where a got the diff ratio change that it was around a 5.2. if got the housing for it, as the housing for the other ratio's wont fit over it because the gears are so big but it will bolt on to any G series diff. when it was in the car it drove pretty good no whines or anything, it was ridicously short that why i replaced it. would suit anyone into drag racing. im looking for $500

im at lake macquarie just south of newcatle, NSW. picup only