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    hi guys,

    a car has come up for sale and if i can sell my ke70 before this sells then i will!

    car- late model ke70 (kouki )

    rego/RWC- aprox 3 months, had some defects which ment a full roadworthy inspection and it passed a few weeks ago.

    engine/trans- 1.6L and 5speed manual (4ac and t-50)

    engine: custom ground 290 degree camshaft
    32/36 weber with redline adaptor plate
    redline washable fome filter (20,000km's old)
    removed/blocked off emissions
    electronic dizzy with new boash coil, cap and rotor button
    replaced front main and cam seal (3000km's ago)
    custom fitted single core aluminium radiator with new top hoses and new rad cap, flushed with fresh coolant, low profile celica thermo.
    serviced every 5-10,000 (3,000)
    bigger exhaust

    trans: t-50 5speed
    converted to hydro clutch
    exedy heavy duty clutch
    new slave cyl
    stock BW diff

    brakes: stock, replaced front pads and rear wheel cylinders and used front brake lines with uncracked ones. replaced steering boot.

    susy: TRD 6 and 4.5kg springs
    4 way adjustable short stroke rear shocks

    wheels: 14x7 -5 with RWC tyres

    body: flared rear guards
    custom fitted sprinter front bar
    garden edging front lip (not fitted)

    interior: pink bozo on personal boss kit,
    sick tape deck with new kenwood speakers up front.
    uncracked dash,
    tacho dash cluster, clear perspex cover and blueish backlights,
    TRD floor mats,
    aftermarket shift knob
    drivers bucket seat (2years old)

    bad stuff: needs some paint on primered pannels, new tyres before too long.

    i have some other parts that can be negotiated including further susy tuning parts, wheels, spacers etc.

    set of these front wheels included, i no longer have the rears.

    price: $4500 (with starsharks/SSR mk3's, bucket seat, nardi wheel) i have heaps of go fast bits that can be negotiated. may sell cheaper without extra parts.

    reson for sale: want to buy another bus, but haev to sell this first

    also for interstate buyers, the car that i will be buying if this sells first is in QLD. was planning to fly up but if someone wishes for me to deliver i maybe able to help out..
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