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Thread: Willing to sell my Left hand drive dash assy. for your RHD assy.

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    Default Willing to sell my Left hand drive dash assy. for your RHD assy.

    Anyone interested in doing a trade and both of us pay separate shipping from Washington State USA for my mint condition uncracked left hand drive dash assy. with every miscellanous item to do the conversion?

    Just want to do something different, and while working here in Sydney, I thought to take advantage of my time being here and able to find some parts.

    Here are pictures of my car.

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    I don't wish to sound like a complete asshole here....but how does anyone in Aus benefit from this deal?

    My best bet is to check out the for sale sections. There's a few people wrecking AE86's that you can just hoard the bits and take/ship back to the USA when you need to. Also being in Sydney, there's bound to be one quite close to you too.

    That way you can have both the left and right hand drive bits

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