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Thread: Toyota 86 Review GT / GTS - Have you driven one???

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    I love these cars, they are an awesome kit for how much you pay. I have driven quite a few now all different specs (GT man + auto and GTS man and auto) and even the auto isnt that bad the paddle shift rev blip it does is a bit full on at times when you're not racing around (look like a wanker).

    Even though the GTS has 'better' brakes then the GT it still fades very quick and the ABS is very trigger happy due to the prius tyres.

    All in all great car stock but if i was to get one it would be:

    GT manual
    Shockworks coilovers
    better wheels and tyres
    better brake pads maybe even slotted rotors
    little exhaust for some note
    gut out the intake to cabin noise filter

    not sure what else haha turbos would be great but to do it properly would be a full engine rebuild due to very very weak pistons
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    Well, Today I hit 23000kms. For those who are after my honest opinion here it is:

    Car GTS manual.

    I haven't been shy about saying I love the car, I really do. I also don't think it is particularly underpowered. There is useful torque available pretty much throughout the rev range, with the top end being a bit more pronounced. It makes you want to chase the upper range a little more than in most cars because it rewards you for doing so. It is also a very involving car to drive, you could easily get done for speeding without intending to because you just get caught up in driving. Whilst the motor is different in MANY ways, it still puts me in mind of my old JDM 4age bigport that I had in my old white car. Yes, it sounds different and yes its a filthy subaru boxer etc, but the connection is more about the feeling you get and the way you drive to get the best out of it. Handling: amazing, so perfectly balanced, I haven't driven another (standard) car that has felt better. It can teach you a lot about weight transfer if you are new to performance driving. AND because it isn't stupidly overpowered you can get subtleties like gaining rear end grip when you step on the gas a little and transfer the weight back there after braking. I also love that it is under tyred. It just makes it show those characteristics at a reasonable speed range. If you want to do legitimate motorsport, or drive properly fast they will need to go. As for me, I just drive the car on the street, so I think they are perfect. Fuel consumption is also a strong point. I was getting ridiculously good mileage when I was back over East because I was doing almost only highway kms. Now that I am in WA I do mostly driving in traffic and I still average around 7.5L/100km which is a pretty damn good figure for a sports car. It is also very comfortable, and despite some initial concerns as to the quality of some of the central switches, they are still all perfect.

    My Quibles:
    6th gear could be a TINY bit taller
    The 'sports' mode for traction control is located right where I rest my arm when I have it on the shifter... my watch occasionally activates it.
    The GPS system warns you of speed cameras a long way away, and constantly beeps as you approach them... I could probably fix this though if I played with the settings.
    I would have preferred if they had a rear wiper
    I would have also liked it to have been a hatch, with the shape of the car I think it would have been doable (whatever).

    To those considering buying one: I would take the GTS, you get a bunch of goodies for not that much coin, it is nice to never have to fish you keys out of your pocket and that your stereo just automatically connects to your phone and starts playing music where you last had it paused. They also look cooler with the LED DRLs etc. Also the Heated seats are amazing and with the digital speedo right there in the middle I don't think I have ever even glanced in the general direction of the analog one, it is a really nice touch

    I mean if you were building a track car (out of a brand new street car) then you have a lot more cash that me for a start, lol and you will be pulling out all of the upgrades anyway so it would be a no brainer to get the GT. But as a street car, the GTS gives you a fair amount more for a lot less than you could do it yourself.

    If I were Mr Toyota and was going to improve it I would change to a mechanical differential and make 6th a tiny bit taller and that is all.

    Mech diff for two reasons
    a. I come from a drift background so mech > torsen
    b. you could remove the 'auto LSD' function that people mistake for stability control and as such put there car in diagnostic mode all the time for (which I don't because I think it is silly). You do have to be going FAST to activate the auto LSD thingy.

    Anyway, that is my 2c.

    The car is awesome straight out of the box and it is kind of like a modern, comfortable ae86... kind of

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