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Welcome To AE86 Driving Club

AE86 Driving Club was established on the 30th March 2005 as a place to discuss all things AE86, KE70, Toyota 86 and all things JDM.

9 Years later nearly 15,000 members have passed through our doors posting more than 900,000 posts on the forums.

Whilst many of our members have moved on from their trusty AE86's and post about their dirty Dattos and buzz box Hondas, they are still very much part of our community.

We encourage you to show off your pride and joy in our Members Rides area or ask as many Technical Questions as you need to complete your build - there is no such thing as a dumb question, but please don't be lazy by asking brief questions or not doing at least a little homework first.

We don't mind if you are just here to sell some parts, after all AE86 parts are only going to get harder to find given their age.

What we do ask is that you be respectful of other members, if you think a fluro pink ae86 with 24" chrome wheels looks horrid , whilst you won't be alone in your thoughts please keep them to yourself. If a technical question has been asked 1 million times and it annoys you don't click on the thread.

We welcome you to our AE86 community and encourage you to Register either by creating an AE86 Driving Club login or by using your Facebook credentials.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by our community.


Matthew Harris

AE86DC on facebook

2010-05-15 by Nicko

Just a reminder that we do have a facebook group for our members which has been around for a while.


We will try and keep it a bit more up to date from now on...

Baby FT86 - Knee Jerk or all lies?

2010-05-13 by Nicko

Ever since Toyota was rumoured to be releasing a modern design based around a Toyota Chassis and Subaru Boxer engine, the critics and fanboys have been on a mission to pick the car apart and tell the world that it is an unforgivable combination.

Discussion has been very up and down on our own forums in relation to the "Toy-baru" subject. The thread can be followed here

However, some of us still think that it is a fantastic fusion of a torquey, low center of gravity engine capable of being "hotted up" and being the next best Toyota since rear wheel drives were pretty much dumped in the mid to late 1980's...

One of the bone of contention has been that Toyota have been unable to confirm that the rumoured $20,000 pricetag will be able to be kept intact and if the current rumours are to be believed, Toyota will be making a "Baby FT86" or to the rest of us, a more "no frills" and mildly-tuned version of the FT86 to keep the pricing down around the $20K mark like we have been hearing. Meanwhile the full-blown FT86 will be up around the $30K mark.

Update : The Baby FT86 may be 300mm shorter compared to its bigger sister, and also is rumoured to potentially be sporting the toyota 3SZ-VE engine, a 1.5-liter inline-4 that produces 109 bhp.

Whatever happens, some of us are waiting patiently to see what design is revealed for the Australian market, since the AE86 has such a huge following, it won't be long until the modding begins... We are waiting to see.

Live Ebisu Webcam

2010-05-10 by Nicko

Originally spotted by Klutch, here is the original forums discussion thread

Check out this cool live webcam on Japan's Ebisu circuit!

Sadly we have already missed the AE86s lapping around there from the recent Matsuri, but it looks like it is well worth keeping an eye on anyway. Enjoy.

Follow AE86DC on Twitter

2010-05-05 by Nicko

AE86DC is now on twitter... Click the image above to follow us!

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