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Matthew Harris

Fakes, flooding the market...

2010-07-16 by Nicko

So you've just busted your ass for a month to afford shiny new anodised parts for your car and lived on mi-goreng noodles to help save every penny possible. The postie shows up and your hard earned (and well deserved) parts are in your hot little hands... You spend the best part of a week under the car in an effort to have it ready for the track.

So you line up for your run, what happens next is less an issue of skill or talent... It is an issue of - "I purchased my (genuine) parts from a reputable supplier" or the (more and more common) "Why spend $1000 for something you can get for $250 off ebay".

So this is the part where the hero (or noob) of our story comes home with the trophy, or comes home on the back of a towtruck...or lets seriously hope the less likely "body bag" option.

All of this has come from a thread that was posted in an effort to work out whether some "cheap" Cusco branded parts were the real deal or not. Sadly, not everyone is always wise enough to ask for some second opinions before hitting the "Buy it Now" button...

I would like to make it crystal clear that whilst 75% of what comes out of China is a grey-import that can come direct from the factory and just as good as the "store bought" item... a lot of the rest of the stuff from China is a sad tale of scams and fakes and is just going to end up in the junk.

Now with online forums and "importers" and "resellers" so prevalent in our community, it has never been a better time to re-iterate the famous phhrases : "BUYER BEWARE" and "IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, THEN IT PROBABLY IS".

And with the level of detail in counterfeit parts now, without having a real item and a fake side by side, it would be virtually impossible to even know what you've got yourself into. And lets hope that it isn't too late when you find out that safety items (harnesses, seats, suspension, rollcages brakes etc) aren't up to the task.

Without rabbiting on a lot about this issue, I will leave you with some images and links to do some further reading. And as a few of our members ahve already found out - as simple as posting a thread is, it is MUCH better to look naieve in retrospect than to purchase a counterfeit. Full stop!

The best way to stop these things from flooding the market is BUY GENUINE. It is as simple as that. If there wasn't a market for cheap counterfeits, and the people stupid enough to pruchase them, there wouldn't be a problem in the first place...

Our Discussion thread on fakes and what to keep an eye out on can be found here.

Some Examples :

Takata Harnesses




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